Tuesday, April 23, 2013

PBS Teachers

PBS Teachers is a great website that provides multimedia resources and professional development for Americas PreK-12th educators. This website provides educational videos that teachers could use in the classroom to educate their students. These types of educational shows would be a good resource for a teacher to use on a rainy day or as a way to extend a lesson. Many producers create educational materials to help teachers reinforce the learning goals of PBS Kids programming. For each of the on-air or web-original series provided on this site, teachers can also find information on the educational philosophy of the series, episode descriptions, and classroom activities or lesson plans to help extend the learning of PBS Kids programming in the classroom.

Inspirational Teaching Videos

This Teaching Channel website is a great resource for teachers because it provides videos of great teaching in action. On this website you can browse through hundreds of videos and watch the many different techniques that great teachers use in thier classrooms. You can browse the videos by subject, grade, or topic. The videos range from topics like managing transitions to simplifying text complexity. This website would be a great resource for anyone who is a visual learner like me. Being able to watch other teachers interacting with their students would be helpful to me because I will be able to learn alot about different teaching strategies that I can use in the future with my own students.

Espresso Elementary

Espresso Elementary for Pre-K to 5th grade is a cross-curricular, multimedia learning resource with a wide range of interactive, video-rich classroom activities that motivate students to learn. The award-winning resources on Espresso Elementary are driven by the Common Core State Standards and have been proven to engage students while helping them to achieve educational outcomes. Many students engage at a deeper level with video and interactive materials than through print-based media. With Espresso Elementary, teachers of preK through Grade 5 students can energize lessons with the wide variety of creative, multimedia resources available right at their fingertips. This website has resources for everyone from teachers to parents and even students.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Google apps for educators

I just discovered a great resource for teachers. The site is Google Apps for Educators! I think this site is an important resource for all educators and students who want to become educators because it provides many useful resources such as apps for education, resources, lesson plans, and classroom videos. I think this is a good site to use because it is a reliable source for many tools that all teachers need on a daily basis. I like using this site because it is easy to use and it is very helpful when creating lesson plans as a class assignment and finding all the videos or activities that I would need to incorporate into each lesson plan.